Project update

I'm still working on my vest, it's taking longer than I expected... last night I got out of yarn, but the front is almost done. My inspiration was from a Kourtney Kardashian coat. Even though mine won't be a coat but a vest, I liked the look with the scarf and I'm planning to wear it over my leggins. Hopefully next week I'll finish it :) Also, I've been following a new blog that really inspires me about meal planning and ways of getting the house and life even more efficient and simple. It's been two pay-days since I've been following the grocery shopping and the menu plan according to her ideas and each day we've been eating deliciously!!, and most important of all I'm not at the grocery store constantly buying something for supper. I strongly recommend her website!! Last night we did Shrimp Salad Stuffed Avocados. It was from our family recipe book. if you want this recipe email us and I'll send it to you! :)

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