Eclipses during 2013!!!!

We're so excited to find out that we'll have two solar eclipses and three lunar eclipses!!!! If you live in Asia/Africa you'll see the one this April 25th!!, for those in Australia, eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the Gilbert Islands you'll be able to see the other one on May 10th, (isn't it a cool idea to celebrate Mother's Day with an eclipse?), for us the Americas, we'll have our chance on May 25th!!!, on October 18th (Late Happy Birthday to me by the way!!:)... ) the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa we'll see a Lunar Eclipse, and last but not least on November 3rd, for North Atlantic and Africa, AN ANNULAR/TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!! Check the images below, and get more information at NASA. Share it with your friends and family and don't miss this unique and amazing event!!!   (You can find the links for Facebook and Twitter down here).

This is not a sponsored Ad. Even though we're not NASA Ambassadors, 
we'll have the opportunity to apply for the position next fall.

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