Learning to be Frugal

Even though I consider myself very organized, there's always something new that I'm learning about organization. For the last 6 months (or maybe more!!) I've been searching in Google about new ideas of keeping the house functional and effective without too much pain on our wallet :). For a few years I've heard about the term 'frugal'... but honestly didn't ring a bell, no matter how hard other people try to explain me. One day on my usual Yahoo/Google searches I've found this family on the Yahoo front page and I decided to enter their website... that was the BEST decision I could have done!! I'm absolutely in love of this blog and found so many good ideas!! OK, but let's go to the beginning... I wanted to know what frugal meant, because I thought at first that it was not having money or very little and deal with what you have... 
I was kind of right with the second one... 

First, being frugal means prioritizing, making wise decisions for our time and money. For example, food and housing are more important than a brand new car. The same is true for our time. Family time is more important than having the latest and greatest stuff.  Second, being frugal means living within our means. If I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it. Paying extra in credit card interest isn’t a frugal use of money. This means I have to learn to be content with what I have. Third, being frugal means not wasting. If I can’t use something, I find out if I can recycle it or give it away before I resort to throwing it away. I take care of my things. It’s not frugal to break something and have to buy a new one.  I personally love recycling, I'm always finding a new way to use jars, a bottle or container, even with clothes, if something doesn't fit us anymore I create something with it. So, I decided to try it. First goal: Grocery Shopping! (not that is real fun to do or glamorous either, but we have to eat, right?) I've been planning our meals better and I try to buy food only once every two weeks... and like Danielle Wagasaki wrote: when the money budgeted for that is gone... well, its G.O.N.E! I know I didn't discover anything new, but for me it was!! :)

I found this "Menu Planning sheet" that I'm planning to use tomorrow for our two-week grocery shopping. Feel free to download it if you think it would be useful to you. Leave a comment  or send us an email with ideas or suggestions about saving money, frugal tips or recycling. 
We might make a post with your ideas! :)

Oh! I don't forget your reusable bags!! Save some trees too! :)

* Visit Danielle Wagasaki at www.blissfulanddomestic.com. 
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