Creative Friday

I have a confession to make... you know my mind is always creating and thinking about finding new ways... so I decided to add a new theme to the blog. I kept thinking what could it be, and the perfect one has to be 'Creativity'. I can share with you so many things in that area, (crafts, home, kids, hobbies... uff! the list can be endless!!) The first one I want to show you is the one I've found about organizing ideas at home... a couple of weeks ago a blogger friend (Jill from "Two Yellow Bird Decor") publish a post about that and I really like her ideas!! I'm planning to use some! (I like the hair ties holder for the bathroom, the scarf holder for my bedroom door, to designate a drawer in the kitchen for snacks all ready to go will save me time on school days!!!, the office-trunk is great because nothing excited me more that versatile furniture!!, and to storage by color according to seasons and holidays... isn't it great?). I needed to share! Hope you like her ideas as well! Don't forget to visit her blog! :)

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