Holiday Series : Christmas Family Photo Throwback

Before I actually upload our 2013 Christmas Family photo, I wanted to make a remembrance of the last ones. Our first 'Official' one was in 2009, I didn't plan it like that, but the photo turned out really pretty!!, the next year we repeated the idea and again it looked great!, our Christmas tree on the background had to be there too. In 2011, we decided to go colorful and festive, not only we changed the background but we matched our clothes. Also we included my parents in this one. For 2012 we wanted to go classic and show our support for our school. I forgot to scanned it to show you how the actual Christmas card looked like but we really liked the photo by itself!! Can't wait for you to see our Family Photo this year, we went crazy this time!! (well... at least that's what we think!), we took different shots... but I won't ruin the surprise... ;)
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