Sheboygan Project Series - January in review

Well, hello everyone!!!. This has been a very cold January (and busy!) up here!! Not only we have a lot of snow but also very cold wind chills!  Although I am not the biggest winter fan, I like it!! but at a certain point I am in desperately need of Spring and less clothes layers!, but certainly Winter has it charm, it makes me want to stay at home with my family and plan exciting adventures indoors!

I have been enjoying my nightly read from Dairy of St. Maria Faustina.  This has become a daily ritual for me! This book is like my positive guide right now, giving me a way to stay focus, find the correct path and for my spiritual growth. It really helps me close my mind to the outer world and find peace, that leads to a good night sleep!  

As I grow older (not that I am, but I mean I'm not a teenager anymore...) I like to “stop and look around” more often, know what I mean?  I like to find space and time for those small adventures every day.  Make a stop in my daily to-do list, and just have fun!  Who says life is all about chores, dishes and work/school schedule?  For me, life is about savoring the small moments.  Right now, some of those "small moments” includes going around the City and find all the Street Art made by some artists last summer! It amazes me all you can get thru Art! This time we found the one from Chris Stain. Hope you like it as much as we do! :)

Feel free to to leave a comment and share some of your favorite small adventures or if is not too much to ask to recommend this post on Google Plus. Keep warm this winter and don't forget to have fun! :)

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