Life Update - This train goes way too fast!! :)

Well, thankfully spring hasn't decided to visit us yet, so I still have some time to catch up here with the last 2 months!  There is some sunshine here today, warmer than yesterday, 
but still a little chilly, Spring is still shy to show up I guess. 
I wonder how is the weather where you are.

First of all, I apologize for the poor quality of some photos, I can fix it with Photoshop but it will take longer for me to write this post, just this time let's pretend it's a funny camera effect, right?  My Nikon camera got a little damage and we sent it to L.A. for repair, and I'm using my simple daily-use camera but it's getting a little "moody" and sometimes the photos doesn't look as good as others. For a camera lover and a Photographer Amateur like me... this is a disaster!!!, hopefully in a week or so I'll have my beautiful Nikon camera back and I'll upload more often... and with better looking photos! :)

February was, as usual, a special month for us, because is our Wedding Anniversary!!!, what a great excuse to celebrate Valentine's Day, right?, and this year was even more special because we celebrated 15 years of marriage!!! yaaaay!! So, to celebrate not only we exchanged Valentine cards the three of us, but also we had some "Wedding gifts".  I know you can't see it clearly but, I ordered a special mini cake, Jose gave me ring, we went to eat dinner to the Olive Garden as a family and we stay for a night in Green Bay. Other than that, we had Sofia's Orchestra Recital, (she's playing Viola!), Girl Scouts cookies, Sofia's Science Fair and some manicure for me :).

I don't really take "selfies", but we forgot to take a picture the night before at the Olive Garden and I just wanted to have photo memory from that trip! :)

Last but not least... March!!, another great but crazy month!...  Sofia had her Board of Directors Meeting at the Dentistry, she was VERY excited! (and so does Mom!!), we had our second
cookie booth (super fun but also super exhausting!), I've got my Mary Kay Order with the new Spring products (Yes!, I'm a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!!... yaay!!), we made some
Barbie crafts, we invited some friends over for a card game and Jose made
Mexican Sopes for dinner.

Pretty much this sums up our last two months! Thank you so much to my always fabulous 107 Google followers!! (Can we make it to 110?) :) ♥  I got super excited because last week we got visitors from Brazil, Russia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico and... little drum roll please... Mozambique, Africa!!!! I still can't thank you enough for taking the time to stop by! :) ♥

Before we go I've found the #happytag on the blog of my Cyber friend OganizedJen and I thought it was really cool and I want to participate and pass along.  You can tag and follow me on Google Plus and Twitter.  Here is what my Happy List looks like:

10 Things That Make Me Happy:

❤︎  Seeing Jose and Sofia smile
❤︎  Share special moments with family and friends
❤︎  Reading
 ❤︎  My Coffee in the morning
❤︎  Going camping and traveling
❤︎  Going to the beach
❤︎  Watch a movie with my loves
❤︎  Smile to everybody
❤︎  Crafts, Crochet and organize my home
❤︎ Skin Care Classes and help other women feel special

I would love to know your Happy List, if you want to share! :)
Thanks again to Jennifer Ross for sharing it!  Thanks to you for visiting us!!! :) ♥

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