Spring Trend and Life Update

Oh my!... life is going way too fast for me this year!!! I can't believe is mid-march already!! I apologize enormously for being so behind here... did it happen to you before that no matter what you do you can't catch up?? Well, that's how I am for the last few months!!! I'm working very hard on it but I'm always like a "Busy Bee" (like my adorable friend Jennifer Ross!).

I can't thank you enough for adding me to your Google Circles!!! I promise you won't regret it, just give me a little more time to finish all the organization process that it is right now in my life. Thanks to my new Google friend Amanda Brooke who always invites me to the Wednesday Party (even though sometimes I can't be there!)

For now, I want to share with you the new Spring Trends, I think this Season will me my fav, you know why??... because I LOVE pastel colors!!!, specially light pink!!!!!


 I hope you are enjoying March so far!  I’d love to know what you have been doing if you want to share :)

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