Blogtober: Day 1

Hello there!!, can you believe is October already??, seriously, every time I'm going to write a post here I think "oh!, it's like yesterday the last time I published something"... NOT!! :) Weeks passed by and I'm so caught up by the daily routine!! It's been so much fun but we've been definitely crazy busy!! That's why I thought in doing "Blogtober", it's the perfect excuse to come here everyday and it's my birthday month!!! So, here we go, today is the day of Saint Therese of Lisieux, one of my favorites saints, what a great way to star my month asking for her intercession. As a Catholic family we're very fond of her and of the saints. Also I want to share when we went to a pumpkin farm for the first time!! Hope you had a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow!! :)

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