Blogtober Day 2

OK... let's talk!! Today started good, I took Sofia to school, came back, normal parenting stuff. We made an appointment for a basement inspection, nothing to worry about, it's just our house is 100 years old (I love old houses!!) and with our winters here you want to check everything before it's all covered with snow. Like every Thursday I went to work, the kids were great by the way!, I came home, ate a snack, wrote the new post and left the house again to pick Sofia from school... and when I came back I edited the photos for the post, ate supper and left again ... today is our craziest day of the week... because we both work, Sofia has Yearbook Club after school, and after that she has Dance Team at the Y. We came home around 8 pm ready to go to bed and do nothing else. I'll share today what we did last Sunday. Let me tell you that we have an apple tree in our backyard and this year we had TONS of apples!!!! We invited some friends over to watch the Football game and they helped us pick the apples up. It was so much fun!!!, but as you can see in the photo we filled 11 bags!!!, they might look light in the photo, but they're not!!, as you can imagine we called family and friends to see who was interested in some... I saved some for us and I'm planning in making apple butter, apple cider and freeze some to make apple pie, (I think I'll have apples for the whole winter... and beyond!!) Hope you're having a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!! :)

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