Blogtober Days 5 & 6

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday, the day went by so quickly!, but I'll share what we did during the weekend. Like every year, the first Friday of October was the World Wide Children's of the Eucharist Holy Hour. We watched the Live Stream. I pick up Sofia early from school and we headed home. For a little more than an hour we prayed and sang. It took place at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C., and this year we even joined via satellite with the Parish in France. It was a very fulfilling experience that we don't miss for anything every year! The next day we had our Bridging to Cadettes!! Instead of doing the typical bridging ceremony with the wooden bridge we went to the State Park,  the girls were blindfolded on a little hike with me (we were holding hands!) and we reached at end the place where the other Cadette Troop was waiting to welcome us. After that we celebrate Girl Scout Style: with a bonfire, silly songs and girl scout s'mores! We're starting the year on the right side of the path!! The next day started like the typical Sunday, we watched the special Mass with the Pope, and after one hour and half  later Jose went to the garage to set up the storage for the machines for winter and meanwhile I made one batch of apple cider and apple sauce! I hope you're weekend was as fun and wonderful as mine!

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