Introduction....Hello, My Name Is....

     Hello! My name is Sofia. I am the daughter of Anapaula. I will be making and posting posts too. I wanted to introduce myself quickly before I post anything. Though you might already know who I am if you have read my mom's posts. I may be young but, I love to write and tell stories. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them. 

     Now, I want to describe briefly what my posts are going to be. I will be posting a series of diary entries. They will be called, The Diary Of A Homeschooler They will not be personal but only talk about activities from my point of view. the entries will also contain poems or other forms of writing that I have created. I hope you will enjoy them. In order to not make this post boring I will also have a diary entry. 



Dear Diary, 
Today I bumped into a notebook of mine that contained pieces of writing that I have written. Here is one that I wrote after I read the real version of Romeo and Juliet and is one of my faves.

---Forbidden Love---
I only hope to find true love in thou soul.
Our eyes shining bright under the enchanting moonlight.
Both seek for an electrifying spark of love.
Our two hearts shall know what love has felt like.
Our lips urge for a fresh taste of love.
Our hands know not a rough sense but a syrupy feeling that is love.
No hate shall become between our minds but a comfort of truth.

Your faithful writer, Sofia S.M.

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