Blogtober Revolution

It's been a while since I wrote here. I think the last time I was blogging was 2014. After that I posted here and there. The point is... I miss blogging!! I miss my readers!. So many things has happened but it will take forever to write... seriously I could write a super long post! So, I decided that the first step is changing the layout of the blog, right? October is my birthday, so what a great way to celebrate than blogging again, right? Why not start anew with a new image: do you like it? Please leave a comment below!

I think I will start with our fall of last year. Yes, 2016. I promise I will upload the ones of this Fall. I just need to upload them from my phone, because the blogger app is not good. I rather sit down in front of the big screen and type. (My daughter and I are writing at the same time right now: she is writing a novel and I am doing it here!) It feels awesome to be back. I am super late for Vlogtober, but hey, better late than never! That is why I called "Vlogtober Revolution". A new kind. A different one.
( I know, I have to support the fact that I am late! )

Fall is my favorite season for many reason: my birthday... obviously... the colors, the apple cider, the pumpkin farm. Talking about the farm, we always go to the same pumpkin farm, a few minutes away from our house, (it's a blessing leaving in a small town!) Fall is my favorite time!! ( I know I said it again), I LOVE the colors and dressing up with layers is super fun! And I love wearing scarfs!

I hope you like the first post of the new season in the blog.
Thank you so much for reading and come back tomorrow!

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